Monday, September 20, 2010

So much to give, so much to hide

"11It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, 12to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up” Ephesians 4:11-12 NIV

How often do you meet a person and you just feel that he/she has so much to give and contribute to the community? Maybe the person has the talent in singing, dancing, writing, speaking, or leading to name a few. The talent to sing songs of praises. The talent to dance in praise. The talent to write and encourage. The talent to lead people to focus in Christ.

Do you hear a calling to serve in a ministry? But you just ignore these callings because you have too many excuses. You don’t have time. You are tired as it is. You are shy. You don’t want to accept that you have gifts. I guess these are my excuses.

I find it funny that I often cry out to the lord asking Him what is His will for me. I find myself not having a purpose. I find myself just coasting in life not doing anything productive. But I realized that He has been calling me to ministry for so long. I just didn’t want to surrender myself to Him. Because I don’t have the time, I am tired, I am shy, and I don’t want to accept that He has given me gifts. It has always been about me. I would accept to a certain extent that He did give me abilities and talents. I just try to keep these to myself waiting for opportunities to use it for my own benefits. No wonder I find myself unproductive, because it was always for me.

I accept I have a passion to serve. But I am reluctant to accept that He has given me the gift to lead. I used to be part of a discipleship group in a church, which focuses in making disciples. I knew I was being molded to lead a small group. I got scared. I got scared of the responsibility. Sadly I alienated myself from the discipleship group.

Fortunately, God is never going to give up on me. Philippians 1:6 “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus”

To my personal dismay, I know my discipler consistently encourages me to write, sing, speak and lead. I know my discipler prays for it as well. Guess what? One day I lit up like a light bulb. It took me by surprise. I was disappointed with my attitude, and I wanted to repent. I want to worship and praise Him more than I have ever experienced in my life. But something was still preventing me.

I am sure that it is not because “I have no time”, “I am tired”, “I am shy”, and “I don’t accept I have gifts”. I added something to my list. I didn’t want to be the center of attention. I didn’t want to embarrass myself. I deliberated with God intensely asking Him if this is really what He wanted for me. He spoke to me. “Why are you afraid?”

I was afraid that they would find out who I am. That I have not given up my vices, even thou I proclaim myself to be a Christian. What if they found out that I haven’t successfully kicked the habit of smoking? What if they found out that my mind would still entertain impure thoughts? What if they learn about my past mistakes?

Then I remembered a time when I was asked to give a testimony in a retreat. I remember clearly that I was reluctant to give that testimony for I have sinned against the Lord. But the Holy Spirit inspired me that I am the best person to give the testimony. I was reminded that it wasn’t about me, but it has always been and always will be about Him.

“10That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” 2 Corinthians 12:10

When you are weak, God becomes strong. Don’t let your past pull yourself from worshipping. God gave each one of us unique gifts. These gifts are meant to glorify Him. Tama na ang hiya hiya. Hindi ito ang panahon na ang isipin mo lang ang iyong kahihiyan at sarili. Let God use the gift He gave you. Let Him bring out the full potential in you. You don’t know your full potential until you let Him show you. Let God show you. I know I will continue to surrender myself to God. Let this writing only be a start. I am very excited that I have finally accepted that I would start my life journey with Him. I am excited to learn more about myself as He teaches me. I would like to encourage you as well to surrender all your fears, and learn to trust Him even more.

Saturday, August 30, 2008



It is apparent at this point in time that many Christians are in the plateau stage of their walk. They opt to remain stagnant than aim for a higher terrain. They have learned the basic truths of Christianity and have done the basic spiritual deeds such as praying, going to church and attending fellowships but the spiritual fervor is not as hot anymore. No wonder why the church pews have become lukewarm, or worse, cold.

Now, if you were to turn back to the time you accepted Christ. Reconstruct the whole experience in your mind. Color in the details: the setting, the emotions, the people and the conversation.

1. Who shared the good news to you?

2. When was it? During what period of your life?

3. Where?

4. How did it start?

5. What were your initial reactions?

6. How did you feel after?

7. What changed in your life since then?

The good news, the story of life, or the gift of salvation is something to be shared. You may risk being rejected or ridiculed, and most likely the person (you answered in number 1) thought about it also. And what if he/she remained silent? Then that person could have deprived you from the joy of knowing Christ. Let’s reconstruct this experience in another person's life. Step out of your comfort zone and tell the good news to a family member, a classmate, an officemate or a stranger. Spread the word and you might just lead another soul to Christ.

A missionary once said "It is unfair to hear the gospel so many times when there are those who have not heard it even once."

Starting this September 2008, let us make a commitment to share the gospel and enable at least ONE (1) person per month to undergo this once in a lifetime experience. God has called you, yes you to GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES and He shall fill you in with the words and wisdom as you go through this mission.

If you wish to be part of the RECONSTRUCTION PROJECT TEAM:

  1. Please email your name, age and church to
  2. Share to at least ONE person per month
  3. Invite or refer him/her to a local church

Do not settle for the lukewarm. GO AND SPREAD THE FAITH!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Covenant Singers live!

Dear friends,

You are invited to watch the rare live performance of

Choral Music Ambassadors for Christ

TCS is composed of young people from different churches all around the Philippines who share a common passion of serving the Lord through music. They'll give us renditions of their original choral works, contemporary gospel songs and hymns in various styles; from classical to pop, from baroque to blues, from Indian to Jewish, etc. Let's join them , as they tour us around the world through :

Here are the details:
Date: December 14, Friday
Time: 7:30 PM
Venue: Philam Life , UN Avenue
Ticket: Php 150
Limited Capacity

You may reply through this post or email for ticket orders. Do invite your friends! ü

Joyous regards,

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Letter for My God's Best

Dear God’s Best,

Hi there! I am thinking of you once again. I'm not even sure if you know me or if we've met before. Weird huh? So many questions I want to ask, like where are you? Are you thinking of me too? Are you praying for us? So many thoughts I long to share. My impressions of you; experiences, etc. I want you to know that I’ve been praying about you. I hope you’re growing under God’s blanket of joy, hope and love. I hope you’re making our Father proud!

As for me, I’m doing good. I’m well taken care of. I’m blessed with a great set of parents, loving church family and cool friends. The abundance of God’s gifts in my life is truly overwhelming. Though at times I tend to forget all these, esp. when I am drawn to the busy-ness of life just like any other woman in her early 20’s.

Despite having an active lifestyle, thoughts of you still sprout once in a while. There are times I mistake you for some other people. Okay, I confess. There was boy number one who has your sincerity, followed by a boy number two who’s got your wisdom; then there’s boy number three who’s overly patient and understanding like you; and boy number four who’s got your leadership quality. I entered a cycle of confusion, disappointments and hurts. I thank God the intensities weren’t that severe because He pulled me whenever I tend to fall deeply.

I realized I was going through all those just to fill my emptiness, the “vacuum” in my heart. I had mine filled with persons who possessed a number of your traits. I knew you’d be hurt knowing that I’ve given pieces of my heart away, leaving only the remains. That’s why I decided to end the cycle. Funny thing was, at that very moment the song “People Need the Lord” started playing.

People need the Lord People need the Lord
At the end of broken dreams He’s the open door
People need the Lord People need the Lord
When will we realize People need the Lord

True. He is the answer.

I was born empty. I grew up longing for you. Some instances may have broken me even more. I had to struggle when God asked me to give all the pieces to him. How could I right? When all that's left of me were those fragile pieces. But when I did, He restored me and made me whole again. Now you will have my whole. Hope it goes the same with you. :)

Looking forward to seeing you.

In faith,


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why I keep coming back for more

Sunday services who needs it? Most of the time, I have heard what the pastor has to say. It wouldn't be something new. So why do I keep coming back for more every Sunday. I know that I have all these knowledge in my head. I know how to differentiate right from wrong. I realized that the problem is application. All the knowledge in the world is useless if we don't apply what we know in our daily lives.

It’s not that easy to be just and fair in everything we do in our lives. There will be times when you will lose to temptation and compromise. In my life, I have compromised myself a lot. I always defended my actions by saying the rest of the world is doing it. But I am always left with the guilt feeling and heavy heart. Uneasy of the decisions and choices I have made.

Ever since I started to attend Sunday services, you know that little voice that cries out. It’s not so little anymore; it has grown to become a powerful voice inside of me. It has developed to become an annoying voice that keeps me in check. The Sunday service is an instrument God uses to strengthen that voice inside of me.

I will tell you that life now is much more difficult. Everyday I am faced with choices that would test my convictions. I find myself making difficult decisions more and more each day, because of that annoying voice inside of me. There are still times I still fail, but I will not deny that life has become a lot more peaceful. Peace is starting to fill my heart. Joy is starting to fill my heart. I am now free of the burdens I used to carry. This is the reason I keep coming back for more.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Basta Ikaw Lord!

You can call me EJ. Am a struggling 28 year old Christian. The last two weeks has been a roller coaster for me. My best friend for ten years decided to end our friendship. A few days later another good friend told me that it would be best to end our friendship. These two came as a shock for me. I wasn't aware something was wrong. I called out to God and said "Bahala ka na Lord" I wanted God to fix everything for me. I wanted Him to snap His fingers and solve everything in an instance.

In those two weeks I found myself in prayer and talking to God more often. I remembered what the pastor in my church said. "if we close our hands tightly God will not be able to give His many blessings and gifts to us. On the other hand, if we open our hands wide, He will pour unto us bountiful blessings." This is what God is telling me.

Reluctantly, I started to open my tightly closed fist. Through God's goodness, He touched my friends. He opened avenues of communciations. I am now in the process of reconciling with my friends. I am scared of the outcome, but I have faith that God has great plans for me. I will put my faith and trust in Him.

After much reflection and prayer, I thought of the statement "bahala ka na Lord", and I felt it wasn't what He wanted. After more prayer and reflection, "Basta Ikaw Lord" came to mind.

"Bahala ka na Lord" I left it all in His hands, and I would just sit around waiting for His response. "Basta Ikaw Lord" whatever He wants me to do, I will follow. He commands and I will obey. There is a difference.

Feel free to post your comments.

Friday, August 31, 2007

What's a Success Story

Visit a local bookstore near you. You’ll see racks and racks of steps-to-success books ranging from money-making (selling, marketing) cha-cha-chings, to diets, relationships, series of discovering full potential stuff, etc. It’s as if there’s a surefire way of success in everything so long that you take all the noted steps.

I’m sure many of us would shout a big ‘yes!’ and match it with big eyes and big smiles when asked if we want to be successful. Then upon hearing the follow-up questions our faces would be like an anxious kid who’s called for recitation in class.

Well, what is REAL success anyway? Is it so easily achievable that all we have to do is keep track of the calculated actions stated in a book?

Though we may have different educational backgrounds, upbringing, and field of interests, many of us in one way or another want to have a success story. But we get distracted by the sights and wonders the world's got to offer. Some feel lost. Others weary themselves out in search of opportunities at ground zero. We want to succeed, yet we are not even sure what it means. Is it the journey or the outcome? At the moment, I suggest we should try to block November 29 to December 1 off our schedule.

For what?


Here’s an overview of it.

Venue: Oxford Hotel Pampanga
Date: Nov 29 to Dec 1, 2007

~This camp promotes camaraderie among the AZCOP young professionals and inspires them to passionately apply the biblical principles in all aspects of their lives for the glory of God.

~ success the Christian way, defining success as gaining God’s standard, whether it is personal, family, spiritual or in the workplace.

Participating Churches
~ Bacolod Trinity Church, Jubilee Evangelical Church, UEC Angeles, UEC Greenhills, UEC Gen Santos, UEC Malabon, UEC Naga, UEC Pasay, UEC Philippines, UEC Sta Cruz, UEC Vigan, and UEC Zamboanga.

There will be workshops catering to your needs like handling family business, Investing, Public Speaking, etc.

Maybe you'll even discover your success story there. See you! :)